eXperiment robotics framework

Plugins can further inherit from the following classes:

A ready to use Plugin:
\file erf_plugin_name.hpp Plugin: plugin_name
\defgroup plugin_name Plugin: plugin_name
\ingroup plugins managers
\brief plugin_name is a ________
\todo still have to ______
\author plugin_author

#define ERF_PLUGIN_NAME plugin_name
#define ERF_PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION plugin_name
#define ERF_PLUGIN_AUTHOR plugin_author
#define ERF_PLUGIN_URL "http://miarn.cjb.net"

#include <erf_plugin_common.hpp>

struct plugin_namePlugin: public Plugin,public AuthorInfo,public Serializable,public XmlHandler {

    fltk::ItemGroup * itemGroup;

    void save() {}
    void load() {}

    int event(const XE * xe_in, XE * xe_out) {
        return 0;

and in the implementation side:

#include "erf_plugin_name.hpp"


ManagerTagsPlugin::ManagerTagsPlugin():Plugin(), AuthorInfo(ERF_PLUGIN_VERSION,ERF_PLUGIN_NAME,ERF_PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION,ERF_PLUGIN_AUTHOR,ERF_PLUGIN_URL),Serializable(xe_current_plugin) {
    fltk::ItemGroup* tmpGrp = MItems.getCurrentGroup();

The miarn project - written by Joao Xavier