eXperiment robotics framework


Collaboration diagram for Widgets:
Buttons, windows, clickable stuff from fltk. More...


 Manager of Windows
 Manage windows.
 Manager of Browser Items
 ItemBrowser is a tree view widget. It serves to show what is currently loaded in the program a manage that stuff. Shows a hierarchical tree of the loaded plugins for browsing. The branches of the tree are the plugins and the leafs are their services and data. By clicking in each service, a callback can be executed that performs an action, e.g. showing a popup sub-menu of the component or give instructions to a robot.
 Windows widgets
 Windows where the result of the plugins are drawn to.


class  MaxValuesWidget
 switch the value of a boolean More...

Detailed Description

Buttons, windows, clickable stuff from fltk.

put the popup menu as a array char so it does not leak, see the typenameof

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