eXperiment robotics framework


Collaboration diagram for Managers:
These entities are responsible for the bookkeeping of structures they manage. More...


 Manager of OpenGL Lists
 contains the OpenGL display lists that represent the objects in the 3D scene.
 Manager of Plugins
 contains a list of all the plugins loaded and is responsible for dynamic (un)loading plugins from libtool shared libraries.
 Manager of Windows
 Manage windows.
 Makes any class unique and with lazy initialization.
 Manager of Browser Items
 ItemBrowser is a tree view widget. It serves to show what is currently loaded in the program a manage that stuff. Shows a hierarchical tree of the loaded plugins for browsing. The branches of the tree are the plugins and the leafs are their services and data. By clicking in each service, a callback can be executed that performs an action, e.g. showing a popup sub-menu of the component or give instructions to a robot.
 Plugin: Manager of Tags
 Manages tags on world objects.
 Plugin: Manager of Zones
 manages polygonal zones on the world.
 Manager of OpenGL Names and Events
 contains a map of all the Event Handlers available for interaction.

Detailed Description

These entities are responsible for the bookkeeping of structures they manage.

Managers whenever possible use reference counting techniques so that duplicating instances are avoided whenever possible to ensure a frugal resource management. Examples of this is the sharing of access to a Player proxy by more than one plugin, or the reuse of a single OpenGL display list to draw the same object by multiple components. All Managers can be created as singletons, which is a software design pattern that assures they are unique and have lazy initiation (are only instantiated once, in the first time they are called).

The miarn project - written by Joao Xavier