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World Camera
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Collaboration diagram for World Camera:
The default camera class to be used inside a window. More...


class  glCamera
 A camera to view the world. More...

Detailed Description

The default camera class to be used inside a window.

The camera is responsible for positioning the viewer camera. It has two major view modes: Plant and Perspective.

The plant mode is observer from top and without perspective distortion. It is perfect for path planning.

The perspective mode is ideal for world perception tasks.

The camera was idealized for mobile robotics, where we normally view from the top to give commands and move around the world and for the popular Simultaneous Localization And Mapping(SLAM) tasks. The center of the screen is common to both views, this means that if the user moves the scene center while in top view, and then switches to perspective view, the center of the screen in perspective view is updated to the top view center. The operations available on the top view are pan and zoom in Cartesian coordinates; on the perspective view are also pan and zoom but in spherical coordinates (around the scene center).

make the camera more simple/canonical. remove everything that is not needed to define a camera.
convert all GLdouble to GLfloat

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