eXperiment robotics framework

File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Binding.hpp [code]
camera.h [code]
erf.hpp [code]> include this header if you don't want to bother to include/memorize every header
erf_about.hpp [code]Plugin: About
erf_camera.hpp [code]> World Camera
erf_constraint.hpp [code]> Constraints on Frames
erf_debug.hpp [code]> Debug messages in the console
erf_debug_framework.hpp [code]
erf_design_goals.doxy [code]
erf_fbo_glsl.hpp [code]
erf_frame.hpp [code]> The Frame represents a coordinate system, defined by a position and an orientation
erf_framework_debug.hpp [code]Plugin: Framework Debugger
erf_glsl.hpp [code]> Shader related functions
erf_ground.hpp [code]Plugin: Ground
erf_helpers.hpp [code]> 3D objects drawing functions
erf_image_loader.hpp [code]Plugin: ImageLoader
erf_latex.hpp [code]Plugin: Latex
erf_launcher.hpp [code]Plugin: Launcher
erf_lights.hpp [code]Plugin: Lights
erf_manager_gllists.hpp [code]> a class to manage opengl display lists
erf_manager_glnames.hpp [code]> Manager of OpenGL Names and Events
erf_manager_plugins.hpp [code]> Manager of Plugins
erf_manager_tags.hpp [code]Plugin: Manager of Tags
erf_manager_textures.hpp [code]
erf_manager_windows.hpp [code]> Manager of Windows
erf_manager_zones.hpp [code]Plugin: Manager of Zones
erf_obj.hpp [code]
erf_objloader.hpp [code]
erf_opengl.hpp [code]> OpenGL utilities
erf_plugin.hpp [code]
erf_plugin_common.hpp [code]
erf_pop_head.hpp [code]Plugin: PopHead
erf_quaternion.hpp [code]> Quaternions
erf_read_opengl_buffers.hpp [code]Plugin: read opengl buffers
erf_ruler.hpp [code]Plugin: Ruler
erf_serialize.hpp [code]Plugin: Serialize
erf_signals.hpp [code]
erf_singleton.hpp [code]> Implements the singleton pattern
erf_string.hpp [code]
erf_tags.hpp [code]> Tags
erf_template.hpp [code]Plugin: Template
erf_texture_convert.hpp [code]
erf_threads.hpp [code]
erf_vec3.hpp [code]> Vec3
erf_widgets.hpp [code]> Widgets
erf_window.hpp [code]> Windows widgets
erf_xml.hpp [code]> xml tools
framebufferObject.h [code]
glossary.doxy [code]
GLSLProgram.h [code]
GLSLProgram.hpp [code]
GLSLProgram2.hpp [code]
GLSLShader.hpp [code]
interaction.doxy [code]
mainpage.doxy [code]
managers.doxy [code]
obj.h [code]
plugins.doxy [code]
quickstart.doxy [code]
rationale.doxy [code]
renderbuffer.h [code]
tinystr.h [code]
tinyxml.h [code]
TinyXmlBinding.hpp [code]

The miarn project - written by Joao Xavier