eXperiment robotics framework

erf_xml.hpp File Reference

> xml tools. More...

#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <tinyxml.h>
#include <erf_debug.hpp>
#include <erf_string.hpp>
#include <TinyXmlBinding.hpp>
#include <erf_plugin.hpp>

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class  Serializable
 Those who inherit from this class can be serialized to xml. More...
class  Parser
 A parser of a specific xml element. More...
class  XmlHandler
 Returns a XmlHandler in case of the plugin with the specified id is a XmlHandler. More...
 save the variable->xml_element with the same name.
 saves a xml element text that is also a variable.
#define CHECK_XE_ARG
 if a xe_arg was given to the function, if so create a local xe_tmp that points to it, else creates a local xe_tmp that points to the xe of the Serializable class.
typedef TiXmlDocument XD
 short name to TiXmlDocument.
typedef TiXmlElement XE
 short name to TiXmlElement.
typedef TiXmlAttribute XA
 short name to TiXmlAttribute.
typedef TiXmlText XT
 short name to TiXmlText.
typedef TiXmlNode XN
 short name to TiXmlNode.
typedef std::auto_ptr< ParserParserPtr
 is a std::auto_ptr<Parser>.
float getFloat (const XE *element, string property, float def=0)
 get a float.
double getDouble (const TiXmlElement *element, string property, double def=0)
 get a double.
int getInt (const TiXmlElement *element, string property, int def=0)
 get a integer.
bool getBool (const TiXmlElement *element, string property, bool def=0)
 get a boolean.
string getString (const TiXmlElement *element, string property, string def="")
 get a string.
XNgetInclude (XE *Xe)
 resolve a xi:include element.
void resolveIncludes (XE *XEinput)
 do a single pass to resolve all includes in XEinput.
XmlHandlergetXmlHandler (string target_plugin_tmp)
 Returns x XmlHandler in case of the plugin with the specified id is a XmlHandler.
template<typename T>
TiXmlElementoperator<< (TiXmlElement *element, T t)
 output the class to a xml element.
template<typename T>
void operator>> (const TiXmlElement *element, T &t)
 input a xml element to a class.

Detailed Description

> xml tools.

Definition in file erf_xml.hpp.

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