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erf_read_opengl_buffers.hpp File Reference

Plugin: read opengl buffers. More...

#include <erf_plugin_common.hpp>

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class  ReadBufferPlugin
 Read opengl stencil or depth buffers and displays them in other windows. More...
class  DisplayBufferPlugin
 displays the readed buffer in another window. More...
class  ReadOpenglBuffersPlugin
 Read opengl buffers and displays them in other windows. More...


#define ERF_PLUGIN_VERSION   0.01
#define ERF_PLUGIN_NAME   "Opengl read buffers"
#define ERF_PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION   "ReadOpenglBuffers visualization plugin"
#define ERF_PLUGIN_AUTHOR   "smogzer_at_gmail.com"
#define ERF_PLUGIN_URL   "http://miarn.cjb.net"

Detailed Description

Plugin: read opengl buffers.

Definition in file erf_read_opengl_buffers.hpp.

Define Documentation

#define ERF_PLUGIN_AUTHOR   "smogzer_at_gmail.com"

Definition at line 19 of file erf_read_opengl_buffers.hpp.

#define ERF_PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION   "ReadOpenglBuffers visualization plugin"

Definition at line 18 of file erf_read_opengl_buffers.hpp.

#define ERF_PLUGIN_NAME   "Opengl read buffers"

Definition at line 17 of file erf_read_opengl_buffers.hpp.

#define ERF_PLUGIN_URL   "http://miarn.cjb.net"

Definition at line 20 of file erf_read_opengl_buffers.hpp.

#define ERF_PLUGIN_VERSION   0.01

Definition at line 16 of file erf_read_opengl_buffers.hpp.

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