eXperiment robotics framework

erf_helpers.hpp File Reference

> 3D objects drawing functions More...

#include <erf_opengl.hpp>
#include <erf_quaternion.hpp>
#include <erf_vec3.hpp>
#include <GL/glu.h>
#include <cmath>

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void drawCircle (GLfloat radius=1)
 draw a circle.
void drawEllipse (float xradius, float yradius, uint step=1)
 draw an ellipse.
void drawGridPolar (GLint increment=1, GLint count=8)
 draw a polar grid
void drawGridEuclidean (GLint increment=1, GLint count=100)
 draw an euclidean grid.
void drawReferential (GLfloat scale=1)
 draw a referential x,y,z.
void drawTarget (const Object3D &obj)
 draw a target in 3d given a Object3D
void drawTarget2d (const Vec3 &v)
 draw a 2d (x,y,yaw/angle) target given a vector.
void drawArrow (float length=1.0f, float radius=-1.0f, int nbSubdivisions=12)
void drawArrow (const Vec3 &from, const Vec3 &to, float radius=-1.0f, int nbSubdivisions=12)
void drawAxis (float length=1.0f)

Detailed Description

> 3D objects drawing functions

Definition in file erf_helpers.hpp.

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