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erf_glsl.hpp File Reference

> Shader related functions More...

#include <erf_debug.hpp>
#include <erf_opengl.hpp>
#include <fstream>

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std::string readTextFile (const std::string &path)
 Read a text file to a std::string that is returned.
GLuint newProgram (string vert_file_name, string frag_file_name)
 Create a new shader.
bool glew_check ()
 Check for glew sanity.
bool printShaderInfoLog (GLuint obj)
 Debug information log on the shader loading.
bool printProgramInfoLog (GLuint obj)
 Debug information log on the program loading.
GLuint loadShader (const std::string &path, GLuint shader_type)
 Shader loading function.

Detailed Description

> Shader related functions

Definition in file erf_glsl.hpp.

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