eXperiment robotics framework

erf_debug.hpp File Reference

> Debug messages in the console More...

#include <iostream>

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#define P(X)   std::cout << #X <<" = " << X << " "<< std::endl;
 Quick print variables that flushes.
#define O(X)   std::cout << #X <<" = " << X << " ";
 Quick print variables that does not flush.
#define I(X)   os << #X <<" = " << X << " ";
 Quick print variables that includes them in the "os" output stream.
#define MSG_WARN   "\033[1;33mWARNING: \033[0m"
 A Warning message.
#define MSG_WARNING   "\033[1;33mWARNING: \033[0m"
 A Warning message.
#define MSG_FAIL   "\033[1;31mFAILURE: \033[0m"
 A Failure message.
#define MSG_FAILURE   "\033[1;31mFAILURE: \033[0m"
 A Failure message.
#define MSG_CRIT   "\033[5;31mCRITICAL: \033[0m"
 A Critical message.
#define MSG_CRITICAL   "\033[5;31mCRITICAL: \033[0m"
 A Critical message.
#define MSG_OK   "\033[1;32mOK: \033[0m"
 An Ok message.
#define MSG_SUCCESS   "\033[1;32mOK: \033[0m"
 An Ok message.
#define MSG_BLACK(W)   "\033[1;30m" << W << "\033[0m"
 colored messages in black.
#define MSG_RED(W)   "\033[1;31m" << W << "\033[0m"
 colored messages in red.
#define MSG_GREEN(W)   "\033[1;32m" << W << "\033[0m"
 colored messages in green.
#define MSG_YELLOW(W)   "\033[1;33m" << W << "\033[0m"
 colored messages in yellow.
#define MSG_BLUE(W)   "\033[1;34m" << W << "\033[0m"
 colored messages in blue.
#define MSG_MAGENTA(W)   "\033[1;35m" << W << "\033[0m"
 colored messages in magenta.
#define MSG_CYAN(W)   "\033[1;36m" << W << "\033[0m"
 colored messages in cyan.
#define MSG_WHITE(W)   "\033[1;37m" << W << "\033[0m"
 colored messages in white.

Detailed Description

> Debug messages in the console

Definition in file erf_debug.hpp.

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