eXperiment robotics framework

Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AboutPluginUsed for accessing the AuthorInfo of every plugin
AuthorInfoInformation that authors may care to provide about plugins
AxisPlaneConstraintAn abstract class for Frame Constraints defined by an axis or a plane
tpn::Binding< T >
ConstraintLimit the possible motion of a Frame
CV_TextureConvertPluginPlanar Object3D of type CV_TextureConvert
DebugVisits and prints the hit vector and prints information on the clicked entities
DebugPluginUsed for printing information about the state of the framework
DisplayBufferPluginDisplays the readed buffer in another window
FBO_GLSL_PluginFrame Buffer Objects, used for applying GLSL shader effects to textures
FrameA position and orientation in the world
FramebufferObjectFramebufferObject Class
glCameraA camera to view the world
GLListUnique id of the display list and the count of that display lists
GroundCreates a planar Object3D of type ground
GroundPluginPlanar Object3D of type ground
HitA click on the world is a Hit
ImageLatexA world object that is a latex formula
ImageLoaderA world object that is a image_loader formula
ImageLoaderPluginDisplays image_loader formula
LatexPluginDisplays latex formula
LauncherPluginLaunch programs quickly
LightsPluginDraw lights
LocalConstraintAn AxisPlaneConstraint defined in the Frame local coordinate system
ManagerGLListsClass to manage GLLists (or skins)
ManagerGLNamesClass to manage a STL Map of OpenGL names
ManagerPluginsClass to manage Plugins
ManagerTagsTag objects
ManagerTagsPluginTag objects in the world
ManagerWindowsClass to manage Windows
ManagerZonesManages world zones
MaxValuesWidgetSwitch the value of a boolean
tpn::MemberBinding< T, M >
Object3DDescribes a pickable object in the world
ObjloaderPluginDraw object3d_loader
ParserA parser of a specific xml element
PluginA dynamic loadable piece of functionality
PluginHandleA class to hold the handle of the plugin
PopHeadPluginUsed for accessing the AuthorInfo of every plugin
QuaternionThe Quaternion is an appropriate (although not very intuitive) representation for 3D rotations and orientations
ReadBufferPluginRead opengl stencil or depth buffers and displays them in other windows
ReadOpenglBuffersPluginRead opengl buffers and displays them in other windows
RenderbufferRenderbuffer Class. This class encapsulates the Renderbuffer OpenGL object described in the FramebufferObject (FBO) OpenGL spec. See the official spec at: http://oss.sgi.com/projects/ogl-sample/registry/EXT/framebuffer_object.txt for complete details
RulerMeasure distances in the world
RulerPluginMeasure distances in the world
RulerPointA point of the ruler
SerializableThose who inherit from this class can be serialized to xml
SerializePluginUsed for accessing the AuthorInfo of every plugin
SignalConnectionsMaps a signal connections
SignalsConnectionsMaps the Signals and their connections
Singleton< T >Class to make every target class a singleton
TagsUsed to mark World Objects
TemplatePluginDraw template
tpn::TinyXmlBinding< T, M >
TiXmlAttributeAn attribute is a name-value pair
TiXmlBaseTiXmlBase is a base class for every class in TinyXml
TiXmlCommentAn XML comment
TiXmlDeclarationIn correct XML the declaration is the first entry in the file
TiXmlDocumentAlways the top level node
TiXmlElementThe element is a container class
TiXmlHandleA TiXmlHandle is a class that wraps a node pointer with null checks; this is an incredibly useful thing
TiXmlNodeThe parent class for everything in the Document Object Model
TiXmlPrinterPrint to memory functionality
TiXmlTextXML text
TiXmlUnknownAny tag that tinyXml doesn't recognize is saved as an unknown
TiXmlVisitorIf you call the Accept() method, it requires being passed a TiXmlVisitor class to handle callbacks
Vec3A vector with x,y,z components
Window3dA window with a draw function already specified
WindowGLA pure virtual FLTK OpenGL window
WorldConstraintAn AxisPlaneConstraint defined in the world coordinate system
WorldEventHandlerA world event handler is responsible for handling world actions, i.e
XmlHandlerReturns a XmlHandler in case of the plugin with the specified id is a XmlHandler
ZoneA zone in the world
ZoneDeleterMake this the AEH and then click on zones to delete them
ZonePluginDelimit zones in the world
ZonePointA point in the world

The miarn project - written by Joao Xavier