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Hosted Projects

Robotics Related

The objective of this projects is to develop and implement algorithms focused on the perception of the world for mobile robots, in order for them to navigate and execute tasks in an efficient way. See the media for a more visual description.

eXperimental robotics framework - Is a framework that formalizes and helps in the planning and conducting of experiments in rich interactive environments. In other words, a wizard for prototyping, visualization and interaction.

Computer Vision Components - Binds existing computer vision libraries under a single framework.

PlayerViewer3d - Enables the use of Player ( software for accessing distributed networks of robots ) to be used in ERF. Some common sensor visualizations and interfaces are already implemented.

Modules for intelligent autonomous robot navigation are perception modules implemented in the form of plugins for Playerviewerd3d. These include modules for feature detection(lines and arcs) and people detecting and tracking, all from laser data.


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