Experimental Robotics Framework

The Experimental Robotics Framework is a framework for developing composable applications. The idea is to develop software components that interact with others previously developed in other applications and other components developed by other researchers. It is not a new concept in the field, it is very similar to IBM eclipse but in this case for 3d applications and based on C++ instead of Java.

Currently it depends on http://opengl.org OpenGL and the http://fltk.org Fast Light Toolkit 2.0 (FLTK).

In ERF what matters is not the provided components but the elasticity to handle components and tasks that are modeled into the framework by the hard requirements and constrains that emerge during the interaction of all kind of modules.

Some features:

  • Two camera views: perpective and orthogonal.
  • Principle of code reusability.
  • Support for video/webcams.
  • loading 3D OBJ meshes.
  • plugin based architecture.
  • interaction with the 3d world made simple.
  • xml parsers and configuration classes.
  • support for drawing to multiple windows.
  • capture of video and snapshots.
  • uses reference counting for a frugal and safe memory management.
  • provides http://opengl.org objects like grids and targets that are often used.
  • use GLSL do prototype shaders.
  • design inspired by Objective-C, so that is possible to communicate messages between components using Xml, the serialization of objects and lazy initialization of components.
  • Video: ERFCV showing a simulated camera tracking a person using haar features and camshift.
  • Video: Controlling multiple robots using finite state grammars.
  • Video: Visualizing the VFH algorithm by Stefan Stiene.

  • Video: Multi Robot Speech Interfacing.
  • Flash: Example of editing PV3D configuration files.
  • Video: Demonstration of the Inscribed angle variance geometric principle. Note the angles are always the same.
  • Video: Multi Robot goal assignment.
  • Video: Feature detection, people tracking and scene interpretation test.
  • Video: Example of using localization, planning and the Ruler plugin.
  • Video: Laser feature detection in another window.
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