• Video: ERFCV showing a simulated camera tracking a person using haar features and camshift.
  • Video: Controlling multiple robots using finite state grammars.
  • Video: Visualizing the VFH algorithm by Stefan Stiene.

  • Video: Multi Robot Speech Interfacing.
  • Flash: Example of editing PV3D configuration files.
  • Video: Demonstration of the Inscribed angle variance geometric principle. Note the angles are always the same.
  • Video: Multi Robot goal assignment.
  • Video: Feature detection, people tracking and scene interpretation test.
  • Video: Example of using localization, planning and the Ruler plugin.
  • Video: Laser feature detection in another window.
  • pdf: The Experimental Robotics Framework. Published in SIMPAR 2008, also featured in a Chapter in Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for Autonomous Robots, LNCS, Springer-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-540-89075-1.
  • pdf: Attention Models for Vergence Movements Based on the JAMF Framework and the Popeye Robot. In VISAPP 2009.
  • pdf: Interfacing with Multiple Robots with Situational Awareness, from a Multi-Modal HRI. In Robotica 2007. Poster
  • Interfacing With Multiple Robots Using Environmental Awareness From A Multi-Modal HRI. In Robotica Magazine (2007).
Thesis and Reports
  • pdf: The Experimental Robotics Framework in Player/Stage, FCTUC, 2007. Master Thesis.
  • pdf: Detection and tracking of moving objects. Licenciatura thesis.
  • pdf: Realtime Camera Egomotion Estimation Using SIFT Features
  • pdf: A Human Head Simulator for Research in Active Vision.
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